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How to Find a Local Business in Teesside

Nov 15

If you are in search of a local business in Teesside, you have come to the right place. You can use to locate businesses in your area. You can contact local businesses using this popular local business directory and read customer reviews.

Teesside Businesses

There are many different businesses on Teesside. This article lists the top 4 industries in the area:

Heavy Industry in Teesside

Heavy industry has a long history in Teesside. The Prince of Wales opened a technical college in the region in 1930, supplying the local industry with high-quality engineering graduates. The college evolved into the Teesside Polytechnic in 1969 and eventually became Teesside University in 1992. Today, it continues to produce high-quality engineering graduates that help the local industry grow and create wealth in the area.

The growth of industry in Teesside also accelerated the growth of the local population. People from all over the world came to the area, bringing with them thousands of jobs. The area became the world's largest producer of ammonia, and the industrial base grew rapidly.

Business Support Teesside

If you're looking for a new business opportunity, you should look into the services offered by local businesses in Teesside. The North East Enterprise Agency has a range of free services available for new businesses, including free one-to-one business planning support. The Enterprise Revolution also offers ongoing training to help businesses grow.

Teesside Iron and steel industries

The iron and steel industries are an important part of Teesside's economy. They also supply a significant proportion of the nation's steel. For instance, nearly 96 per cent of Network Rail's tracks are made from primary steel produced in Scunthorpe. Nissan receives 45 per cent of its steel needs from Port Talbot, and British Steel is supplying bespoke sections for Hinkley Point C.

The steel industry began to thrive in Teesside in the 1850s, when iron ore was discovered near Eston. The industry soon shifted to producing steel and competed with Sheffield. During its heyday, the area employed 40,000 people. It was a major hub for heavy industry, but sadly, the number of jobs associated with it began to dwindle. As the steel industry shifted to the service sector, the number of people employed fell.

Plastic manufacturing on Teesside

A new plant in Teesside is set to process tonnes of plastic waste. Currently, almost 80 per cent of plastic waste is landfilled or incinerated. The company hopes to establish more such plants globally by 2025. According to the company, the plant will reduce the amount of CO2 that enters the atmosphere from plastic waste. The company plans to achieve this by using supercritical steam, which will turn plastics back into oils and chemicals. The plant could potentially eliminate up to 120,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.

The company plans to have several plants around the world, and plans to establish one in Teesside, UK, in 2022. It also has plans for new plants in the United States and Germany. It also plans to establish manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia, which will be able to process 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste each year.


Teesside is a popular location to locate your business. Using, you can quickly and easily find a business that can meet your needs.