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What to do when your AC stops working?

Sep 7

What should you do if your AC goes out? Your comfort level with expensive electrical equipment will determine what you do. Do-it-yourself AC repairs should not be a burden. AC services mesa az has air conditioning technicians available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. 

We will come to your home and inspect the unit. We can give you a quote if you are not satisfied with our estimate. Once you give us your approval, we won't begin the work. If you'd like to test a few things before calling, that's okay too.

These are the most frequent issues we see:

Make sure you have the thermostat checked.

Sometimes, little hands or not-so-little hands make adjustments to the settings. This can lead to your home heating up. Check that your program settings are correct. Make sure it's set for tremendous, not heat. Also, make sure it's on AUTO. You should also check the thermostat battery.

Make sure you check your filter.

A clogged filter can slow down your system and make the airflow feel less efficient. Check your filter for dirt and debris. If the filter is not blocked, it could have caused a buildup of dirt inside your ducts. This will need to be professionally cleaned.

Make sure you have a working duct connection.

You can inspect your ducts if you have access (many Arizona homes do). Ensure the insulation is intact and the seals are in good condition. Creatures often use these to nest in homes with ductwork underneath the house. It is not unusual to see gaps and areas that aren't connected.

Report on what you see, feel, and hear.

You should take note of any issues with AC performance. Are you seeing it turn on and shut down immediately? Is it blowing hot air into the house? Making strange sounds? Is your body completely dead? These observations will help the technician identify possible causes and determine what to do when they arrive.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

It is not unusual for a circuit breaker to trip. A circuit breaker can trip if your unit is not responding. Flip it on and check to see if it turns back on.

Your Unit Must Be Turned Off

You can turn off your unit if nothing else works and contact Easy A/C. Don't hesitate to call us for AC repair within 24 hours. Give us a call right away. We will send an emergency technician to your location as quickly as possible. Without AC service, Arizona can be extremely hot. Our AC repair services are available 24 hours a day. AC service mesa is the most trusted AC repair service. We are available when you need us. We'll help you fix any issues with your unit. We value your comfort, so give us a call any time you like.