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Top reasons why yourAC needs to be repaired

Sep 7

Our air conditioners can be our best friend during the summer. They allow us to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable temperature. If your air conditioner is not maintained correctly, many problems can occur.

Some AC repair technicians find themselves doing more frequently than others when they are called. Here are six reasons your air conditioner could break. Contact our air conditioner professionals if you have any questions.


Low refrigerant levels could indicate that your AC is having a problem. A refrigerant leak can have severe consequences for the environment. It's essential to repair your AC as soon as you notice it. A professional technician will inspect your AC system and fix the problem. After that, the repair can be tested to ensure no more leakage. They will also charge your AC with more refrigerant. The manufacturer's specifications should be followed for your AC to work at its best.


A thermostat sensor is often built into some air conditioners. The sensor cannot measure the temperature of the air entering the evaporator coils if it isn't in the correct position. The sensor could be incorrectly placed and cause the air conditioners to continue to cycle. It should be placed next to the coil but not touching it. A professional technician can adjust its position for you.


Your AC system components will wear over time. Air conditioners require an annual maintenance check. Your AC may need repairs if it hasn't been appropriately maintained. A problem with one component can cause problems in the entire system.


You should call a professional technician if your air conditioner was installed by someone other than a professional. They can safely reinstall your conditioner. Bad wiring can lead to a fire, and your air conditioner won't be able to get the power it needs.


Your AC's outdoor fan is vital in transferring heat from your home to the outside. Your AC's outdoor fan may not be working correctly or at all. This will prevent heat transfer. Your air conditioner is at risk of overheating if the heat can't transfer.


Your air conditioner can freeze due to a variety of reasons. Frozen coils are one reason. If your AC has frozen coils, it could indicate that you have low refrigerant. This could also indicate that your AC's airflow is not working correctly. Your air conditioner's airflow can be affected by dirty filters. You should replace or clean them. If the blower fan stops working correctly, your air conditioner could freeze. The cold air from the unit will freeze the coil and other components.


Everest Air LLC  can help you with any of these issues. We are available 24/7 and can get your AC back in working order within minutes!