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How to Determine If You Need AC Replacement

Jul 31

It's a no-brainer that HVAC systems are pricey investments. They are also one of the few appliances in your home that you can't simply unplug and replace when they break. So how do you know if it's time for an AC replacement Pointe-Claire, QC?

Here are some tips and ways to determine if your AC needs to be replaced:

  1. Energy bills have increased significantly

Did your energy bills suddenly skyrocket and you're not sure why? It could be because your AC system is no longer running as efficiently as it used to. Older air conditioning units tend to lose their efficiency over time, which means they have to work harder (and use more energy) to cool your home. It could be time for an AC replacement Pointe-Claire, QC if you notice a sudden and unexplained spike in your energy bills.

  1. The AC unit is too old to keep up with the demand

As your family grows and your home gets busier, you may find that your old AC unit can't keep up with the increased demand. If you are constantly adjusting the thermostat and still can't seem to get your home to a comfortable temperature, an AC replacement may be in order. Sometimes, it's simply time to upgrade to a newer, more powerful unit that can better meet your needs.

  1. Frequent repairs are becoming costly

It's a surefire sign that your AC unit is on its last leg when you find yourself making frequent repairs. Not only is this costing you money in the short-term, but it's also likely that the repairs are only temporary fixes. Eventually, you'll reach a point where the repairs are no longer worth the cost, and it will make more sense to replace the unit altogether.

  1. The AC unit is making strange noises

If your AC unit starts making strange noises, it's definitely time to start thinking about an AC replacement Pointe-Claire, QC. Some common AC noises that indicate a problem include hissing, clicking, banging, and grinding. If you hear any of these noises coming from your unit, it's best to call a professional for an inspection. In many cases, these noises are indicative of a serious problem that can only be fixed by replacing the unit.

  1. The AC unit is leaking water

Is your air conditioning unit leaking water? This is a definite sign that something is wrong and that your unit needs to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes, a leaking AC unit can be fixed by sealing a loose connection or replacing a damaged part. However, if the unit is old or has been leaking for awhile, it's probably best to just replace it.

  1. You can feel drafts coming from the AC unit

If you can feel drafts coming from your air conditioning unit, it's not doing its job properly. These drafts are often caused by loose connections, cracks, or holes in the unit. In some cases, these can be repaired. However, if the unit is old or damaged, it's probably best to replace it.

Even if your AC unit is still working, it may be time to start thinking about an AC replacement Pointe-Claire, QC if it's growing in age. While there's no exact lifespan for AC units, most experts agree that they typically last between 10 and 15 years. So if your unit is approaching or exceeding this age, it's probably time to upgrade.

Contact the Experts for AC Replacement Pointe-Claire, QC

AC replacement Pointe-Claire, QC requires the expertise of a professional. It's not a DIY job, and trying to do it yourself could cost you more in the long run. Cirtech CVAC has the experience and knowledge to properly assess your AC unit and determine if it needs to be replaced. They will also help you choose the best replacement unit for your needs and budget. Contact Cirtech CVAC today at +1 514-631-5883 to set an appointment.