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How to Know the Perfect Size of Air Conditioner For Your Home

Jul 21

There are a few factors you'll need to consider when purchasing an air conditioner. The size of the unit is as important as the type of climate you live in and the level of humidity in your home. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the right size of A/C system for your needs.

Measure the Square Footage of The Room You Want to Cool

Not all people have enough time to do their homework when searching for a cooling system, which is why some end up with a unit that's not the right match for their home.

But even if you have a busy schedule, don't forget to measure the length and width of the room you want to cool. Then multiply those numbers together to get the square footage. For example, if your room is 10 feet wide by 12 feet long, it's 120 square feet.

Check the BTUs

The next step is to check the British Thermal Units (BTUs). It's a measurement that shows how much heat an air conditioner can remove from a room in an hour. The general rule is that you need 20 BTUs for each square foot of space if you live in a hot climate. 

But to be safe, you can consult with an A/C installation Dixon, CA contractor. Although this may require an extra cost on your part, at least you'll have the assurance that you're getting the unit that you dream of.

Determine the Type of Unit You Want

There are different types of A/C systems you can choose from, including ductless mini-splits and central air conditioners. Which one is the best for you? It all depends on your needs and budget. But a central cooling system should be on top of your list if you want a unit that can cool your entire space evenly. It just requires extensive maintenance because of the ductwork.

On the other hand, a mini-split is a popular choice for homeowners who want to control the temperature in each room. It's also ideal for those who don't have existing ducts. Plus, it is energy-efficient and compact. If you need more information about these two types of units, don't hesitate to ask an A/C installation Dixon, CA company.

Disadvantages of Having a Wrongly Sized Unit At Home

You might be wondering, "What will happen if I buy an air conditioner that's too small or too big for my room?" Well, here are some of the consequences you might experience:

It happens when your A/C turns on and off frequently. Not only is it annoying, but it also puts a lot of stress on the cooling system, which could lead to its premature breakdown.

Higher Energy Bills
If you purchase a unit that's too big for your room, it will cool the space quickly. But since it will continue running even if the desired temperature has been reached, expect your energy bills to go up. On the other hand, a small unit will work overtime just to cool your room, which is also not good for your wallet.

Poor Indoor Air Quality
An oversized A/C system will also remove the much-needed moisture in the air, resulting in a dry and stuffy indoor environment.

Still Not Sure About the Right Size of Unit for Your Home? Talk to the Right Pros for Help

Looking for the perfect size of air conditioner for your home can be challenging, especially if you're doing it for the first time. But don't worry because you can always ask for help from the experts like All Weather Heating & Air Conditioning. They will work with you hand in hand to determine the cooling system that will not leave you feeling hot and bothered when the weather gets unbearably warm.

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