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Protect Your Home Against Fire With These 5 Heater Safety Tips  

Apr 27

On a chilly winter, nothing beats cuddling up near your heater while reading a good book or enjoying your favorite show. However, did you know that heaters are one of the most prevalent sources of house fires?


But don't worry! Most house fires are preventable once you have your heating system installed correctly and follow a safety guideline. Fortunately, a heating installation service Plano, TX like Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating, listed below the 5 preventive measures and practices every Plano, TX resident should adhere to. 


Be Careful of Space Heaters


An increasing proportion of residential fires are caused by space heaters. They should only be used if required. But if you need to use it, have someone monitor it. Don't leave it unattended. 


Updating Your Home Plan Coverage


It's a good idea to double-check your house insurance plan to be sure it covers fires. Kindly take extra time to make sure your property is prepared and reliable for the next winter season. It's always a good idea to contact a specialist for heating Installation Service Plano, TX. But, keep in mind that before collaborating with a contractor, make sure they offer warranties or guarantees.


Change the Filters


Regularly cleaning your filters helps to enhance the air quality in your house and the functionality of your unit. Accordingly, it also removes any combustible items that may have become trapped in the filter.


This is an essential part of safety procedures and another method to keep you and your loved ones safe. Go for a contractor that offers annual maintenance to manage minor faults and prevent them from bigger problems.


Don’t Use a Faulty Cable


The cables of your heating unit might fray and then become uncovered. A faulty cable puts you at risk of electric shock and can cause a house fire. Do not touch the damaged line or wrap it with PVC tape; this is not a long-term solution. Instead, call in the pros at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating and have them take care of it.


Keep Flammable Objects Away


After getting a heating installation service Plano, TX, your contractor would probably remind you to keep heaters at least 3 feet away from combustible materials. These include curtains, cushions, books, papers, carpet, furniture, mattresses, paints, electronics, aerosol sprays, and fire matches should all be kept away from your heaters.


Have A Professional Inspect Your Heating System

Built-up dust and grime, improper voltage levels, wrong fuses, weak electrical wiring, and malfunctioning engines are just some of the factors causing an HVAC system to break down and catch on fire.


Don’t fix it yourself! Or, if you’re thinking of upgrading your existing unit or having a new heater again, call for professional heating installation service Plano, TX


Get Your New Heater Installed By Experts!

Keep in mind that any system involving fuel and electricity has the potential to catch fire. Unfortunately, no one knows when the fire will explode at them until it does.


Should you notice some faults in your system, contact a professional to repair or replace your heating system. They take pride in delivering timely and effective service for your heating and air conditioning systems repair needs at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating.


For more information on our heating installation service Plano, TX, or wanting to get a free estimate, reach out to them at 972-483-4785.