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Jan 10


When was the last time your air ducts were cleaned? It's probably been longer than necessary. HVAC systems accumulate more pollutants and dust than you might think. Many of these health hazards are hidden from view, but they're still there. They are hidden in the invisible parts and ducts.

The air ducts can be a perfect place to store dirt, pollen, and other contaminants. Some contaminants can pass through the filters because the air flows through them into the house as well as back into the system. They can stick to the walls and registers, or find a place where the air isn't flowing.

How often should you clean your air ducts?

The truth is they should be cleaned if your HVAC system isn’t performing at its best, there are odors, or if you suspect that a foreign object may be obstructing airflow. We have found that it takes between 2 and 4 years to clean air ducts in houses/apartments. Commercial properties should inspect their HVAC system and ductwork every year. If necessary, they should be cleaned. It is recommended that commercial buildings, such as malls, offices, schools, and shopping centers, clean their air ducts at least once every three to four years. This is the same for residential properties.

NADCA states that there are many reasons to clean your air ducts. This could increase the frequency of cleaning.

If you're moving into a new house, the first and most important reason to clean your air ducts. You don't know the condition of the Columbus Air Duct Cleaning if you have never lived in them. The cost of moving and cleaning up the house is all included in the price. However, you can be sure that the air ducts will be clean.

NADCA also cites other reasons.

  • Pets with hair and dander should be vaccinated if they are running around your house, shedding hair and dander, and jumping up on you. Air ducts can become less efficient as hair and dander build up.
  • Allergy or Asthmatic Residents in the Home - If your children or you have allergies or asthma, cleaning the air ducts is a smart idea.
  • Have you suffered fire damage, water damage, or other serious damages to your home? It's a good idea also to clean your air ducts after a disaster has occurred. Even if the disaster didn't directly affect the air ducts, it is likely that the airborne particles from the affected areas and the restoration process were in the ducts.
  • Renovation or restoration - If you have just had a portion of your house rebuilt or renovated, then an air duct cleaning can be a smart decision to remove all debris from your home.
  • Indoor smoking This is the most important reason, especially for parents with children. Smoking in enclosed areas is generally a bad idea. If you do decide to smoke, make sure that the area is clean and well ventilated.

Learn more about the best season to clean air ducts.

Avoid falling for scammers offering air duct cleaning

Did you see the $49 offer for air duct cleaning? Is the company promising you air duct cleaning to save you money on your electricity bills? Are they promising you a better life? You should be aware that they may not tell the truth.

For a basic condo air duct cleaning, it costs $200 and up for large houses with multiple levels and a basement HVAC system. It can cost upwards of $1,000 for larger homes. You should not fall for the $49 scam offer. The return will be higher, each vent will be charged you extra and there may be other reasons the scammers want to increase the price.

But, just because you pay more for air-duct cleaning does not mean that it will make your life easier. NADCA states that HVAC system cleaning can save money on your bills but only for certain HVAC systems and under certain conditions. Air duct cleaning won't make your expenses drop, and they likely won't.

Choose Wisely, Benefit More

You will reap the benefits of choosing the right company for cleaning your air ducts. You'll receive honest and reliable service from a professional, knowledgeable staff. And you can talk to someone if you have any questions about your air duct cleaning.


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